TOT’s Sessions

Two to Four Years

This preschool age group is designed around the fun and enjoyment of learning. Fun games will be played at an indoor venue helping hand-eye coordination and specific skills all whilst taking instructions. To aid in their development size 1 & 3 footballs will be used, instead of the larger size 5. This will help them control and manipulate improving the individuals motor skills.

A parent/guardian will need to be present throughout the 45 minute class, ideally they can stand and watch their children integrating with other children.

2023 Autumn Block of TOTS Session starts Saturday 9th Sept 9:00am Ends 21st Oct.

9:00am – 9:45am Session

7 sessions in the block


Barrow Playing Field

Once payment has been made there are no refunds for sessions you are unable to attend.

These sessions will be held in Barrow.