Here we have a number of frequently asked questions answered by 442. Any further relevant questions will be answered in person/email and added to provide everyone with all the correct up to date information.

Attendee FAQs

Do i need to bring my own water bottle?

It is vitally important to stay hydrated during exercise, I will NOT provide water bottles for hygiene reasons, so please bring along your own bottle of water.

What clothing do i need to wear/equipment to bring?

All participants need to wear suitable clothing to exercise in. Correct footwear is important, the 2-4 yr group will be indoors, so comfortable trainers must be worn. The older age groups will be outside, either on grass where boots should be worn, or on a hard surface where trainers should be worn.

Is 442 Football Academy available for girls?

Certainly! Here at 442 we are open to boys and girls of all ages and ability levels. The more the merrier.

How long do the coaching sessions last?

To maximize enjoyment, learning and progression the 2-4 year old session will last for 45 minutes all other age groups will last for 1 hour.

What will the sessions entail?

Each session will be specifically planned for the age group. Consisting of a warm up, technical work/touches of the ball, SAQ (Speed/Agility/Quickness) drills, games, cool down, feedback.

Will I improve by attending 442 Football Academy?

You will be given all the best advice, knowledge and experience to aid in your progression. Simple drills will be offered for you to take home and continue your learning. Becoming a good footballer doesn’t happen over night, it requires hard work, discipline, and determination.

Parent FAQs

Are coaches at 442 fully qualified?

All coaches working at 442 will be FA Level 2 football coaching qualified as a minimum. All coaching staff will also be enhanced CRB checked and trained in emergency first aid.

Can i stay and watch?

For the 2-4 year old age group a parent/guardian must stay and watch for the duration. For the older age groups we encourage parents/guardians to watch from a distance if they would like to stay. Otherwise they can just drop off and pick up ready for when the session finishes.

How do I pay?

Online payment is available via the pricing tab on the website prior to the attended session or cash on the day to be paid at the start of the session upon taking a register.

My child has a medical condition can they participate?

All parents will need to fill out a medical history consent form before their child participates. Any previous injuries or medical history must be noted. Children with asthma must bring along their own named inhaler.

Do you do birthday parties?

Yes. At 442 we love to make someones birthday extra special. We can come along to the party location supplying all the equipment to provide a fun and memorable 60 minute football session. Including the fun and enjoyment of a speed radar, making a competition of who has the fastest strike.

Please contact 442 for more details/pricing.

Why is 442 Football Academy different from others?

442 Football Academy is being brought to you by an individual who has been very fortunate to play at all levels within the game, twinned with also coaching players across a broad spectrum of ability levels and age ranges. All of this equates to a first class standard of fun and knowledgeable coaching session.

Do they have to be 10 consecutive sessions for a block booking?

No they do not. For the ease and convenience of the participant the block booking is for 10 sessions to be used within 3 months of the first attended session.

The block booking is allocated to one individual and can not be passed over. It can be used at different locations.

Can i make a block booking payment?

Yes of course you can. You can either pay cash or select the relevant drop down on the payment page. A discount will be applied for a block of 10 sessions paid for, giving you the eleventh session free.

Will I be able to see any action shots of my child/children?

Yes. Providing you give permission when filling out the consent form. Any images taken will only be used on the official www.442.academy website, the official @ian442academy twitter page and any advertising.

What happens if its raining during an outside session?

A little bit of rain never hurt anyone! As long as it remains safe for the participants then the session will continue. The only reason a session would be stopped is, a serious injury or severe/dangerous weather conditions.